Upcoming Mobile Games 2021 List – Release Date, Platforms, Type, And More…

Lots of new games coming out in 2021, if you need to know upcoming mobile games 2021 release date, genre, ratings this upcoming games list is only for you. Find your favorite upcoming android games 2021 or upcoming ios games 2021 and play when it launch.

Upcoming Games NameRelease DateGenrePlatformsRatingsNo. of Pre-register
Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier2021ActionAndroid and iOS4.210K+
Apex Legends Mobile2021Action Android and iOS 4.410K+
Haydos 380August 2021Cricket SportsAndroid4.310K+
Disney Wonderful WorldsAugust 2021SimulationAndroid4.310K+
Mystic Gunner: Roguelike RPGAugust 2021ActionAndroid and iOS4.23.0K+
EZ Knight18 Aug 2021RPGAndroid and iOS4.25.0K+
Legendino: Dinosaur Battle18 Aug 2021AdventureAndroid and iOS4.25.0K+
Wheel of Fortune – Words18 Aug 2021WordAndroid and iOS4.13.0K+
Kingdom: The Blood Pledge20 Aug 2021RPGAndroid and iOS4.25.0K+
Idle Legions24 Aug 2021StrategyAndroid and iOS4.25.0K+
Pergaminos de Dinastía24 Aug 2021 RPG Android and iOS 4.03.0K+
Purrfect Tale26 Aug 2021 CasualAndroid and iOS 4.05.0K+
Soul Land Reloaded27 Aug 2021 RPG Android and iOS 4.13.0K+
The Fifth ARK31 Aug 2021RPGAndroid and iOS4.13.0K+
Simure Vikings31 Aug 2021RPGAndroid and iOS4.310K+
Cave Shooter31 Aug 2021AdventureAndroid and iOS4.25.0K+
Knight’s EdgeAugust 2021ActionAndroid and iOS 4.15.0K+
Battleship Apollo06 Sept 2021StrategyAndroid and iOS4.25.0K+
Red Shoes: Wood Bear World09 Sept 2021 ActionAndroid and iOS 4.15.0K+
World Flipper10 Sept 2021 ActionAndroid and iOS 4.1 3.0K+
Valor Legends: Eternity14 Sept 2021 RPGAndroid and iOS 4.2 5.0K+
Drop Battle: 1v1 PVP22 Sept 2021PuzzleAndroid and iOS4.13.0K+
NBA NOW 2107 Oct 2021SportsAndroid and iOS4.13.0K+
NieR Re[in]carnation06 Nov 2021RPGAndroid and iOS4.310K+
Sky Warriors: Blazing CloudsTBAActionAndroid and iOS4.25.0K+
Diablo ImmortalTBARPGAndroid and iOS4.35.0K+
Beatstar – Touch Your MusicTBAMusicAndroid and iOS 4.25.0K+
Modern DeadTBAStrategyAndroid4.110K+
Mafia Crime WarTBARPGAndroid4.35.0K+
Survival: Day ZeroTBAStrategyAndroid4.25.0K+
DRAGON QUEST The Adventure of Dai: A Hero’s BondsTBARPGAndroid4.05.0K+
Grow Archer ChaserTBASimulationAndroid4.15.0K+
Minion MastersTBACardAndroid4.15.0K+
Jackal SquadTBAAdventureAndroid4.03.0K+
Legions War: Art of StrategyTBAStrategyAndroid4.03.0K+
Neko Dungeon: Puzzle RPGTBARPGAndroid4.13.0K+
SCOPA GameVelvetTBACardAndroid4.13.0K+
Pocket DungeonTBAStrategyAndroid4.13.0K+
Starlit Kart RacingTBARacingAndroid4.13.0K+
KonoSuba: Fantastic DaysTBARPGAndroid4.13.0K+
Knights of Shadow : Idle RPGTBARPGAndroid4.25.0K+
Knight’s Raid: Lost SkytopiaTBA RPG Android 4.1 3.0K+
Dawn of DynastyTBAStrategyAndroid4.25.0K+
Murders on Budapest!TBA Adventure Android 4.0 3.0K+
Hello Kitty – Merge TownTBAPuzzleAndroid4.03.0K+
Love Fantasy: Romance EpisodeTBASimulationAndroid3.93.0K+
Yumi’s Cells the PuzzleTBACasualAndroid3.83.0K+
Comix BreakerTBA Strategy Android 4.03.0K+
League of PantheonsTBACardAndroid 4.23.0K+
Wild Gunner – Lost Lands AdventureTBAArcadeAndroid 4.03.0K+

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